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LEGAL FORMS SOFTWARE | DOCUMENT PREPARATION SERVICE | FIND A LOCAL ATTORNEY Legal Document Preparation Service from Standard Legal Our mission is to help everyday people and businesses handle common legal issues on their own, and do it in a very affordable way. Whether you're interested in protecting your estate, lending money, managing a rental property, or setting up a business, Trusted Do-It-Yourself Legal can help. With our extensive library of quality legal forms and resources, we provide you with the tools to create the documents you need, when you need them and the necessary tools, information and assistance to help you create the legal documents you need to take on these common law-related issues. LegalContracts helps users to create and print customized legal documents with our simple, step-by-step questionnaires. Millions of people have used our site to create affordable, quality legal forms and contracts.
We are dedicated to providing you with top quality documents that are up-to-date and tailored to the unique laws of your region. All of our documents are created and maintained by an in-house team of attorneys, helping to ensure that our users receive premium legal protection. To demonstrate our confidence in our documents, we offer 100% quality and satisfaction guarantees.


With LegalContracts, you can choose the right document for your situation. We offer hundreds of legal documents, including:
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Bill of Sale
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Prenuptial Agreement
AND MORE! Anyone who can read straight-forward directions and answer highly-specific questions about their personal situation can manage these common legal issues without hiring an attorney. That can be a savings of thousands of dollars! Click Here Create the legal document you need in minutes!


Standard Legal offers two ways for people to manage pro se legal issues. The most commonly chosen option is DO-IT-YOURSELF LEGAL FORMS SOFTWARE. Our self-help software is instantly downloadable (with a mailed CD option for people who don't like to download or want an accessible backup) and contains all of the legal forms and comprehensive instructions needed to create the state-specific documents required of that law topic. Our do-it-yourself legal forms software is simple to use, with many of the forms easily completed in just a few minutes!

Legal Document Preparation Services

For people who aren't comfortable using the computer and want some help creating their documents, Standard Legal offers Legal Document Preparation Services. With 'doc prep', a professional document preparation specialist provides a questionnaire to you. You provide the answers to each question in reply, which you can do either by phone or email -- your choice! From those answers, we creates the custom legal documents you need using the information you provide. The documents are sent back to you either by email or printed-and-mailed (again, your choice!). To complete the process, simply read, confirm and sign the documents you receive, then file or distribute them as directed. Finished! Our document preparation service is a very simple way to handle a basic legal matter, all without having to pay the high cost of attorney fees. do it yourself software from Standard Legal


Not every person's legal situation lends itself to self-help law. If you have a complex or uncommon legal matter, if you are caught up in a criminal issue, or if you are not sure you can manage any part of the legal process on your own, you should seek the advice of an attorney. We offer a Local Attorney Find service that can help you choose a qualified local law firm for FREE   Last Will & Testament Legal Forms Software Prepare today for the financial future of your loved ones with a Last Will and Testament! This Legal Software package allows anyone to quickly and easily create a comprehensive Last Will and Testament document that is tailored specifically to most every personal situation. Don't let the court decide the outcome of your estate! Don't delay the distribution of your assets to your loved ones! Write your Last Will today with this affordable Legal Software! ALSO AVAILABLE: Last Will and Testament Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Bankruptcy Legal Forms Software (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13) If filing for Bankruptcy is your only solution to unbearable debt, then Standard Legal's Bankruptcy Software, with all of the necessary forms and comprehensive instructions, will save you time, money and stress. This easy to use web-based kit contains "fill-in-the-blank" forms to complete your filing without an attorney. Legal and valid in all states. These forms are updated constantly, each time a Bankruptcy law or administrative action is revised! ALSO AVAILABLE: Bankruptcy Legal Forms Software - CLICK HERE

Divorce Legal Forms Software (No-Fault Divorce Without Children) File for uncontested Divorce or Dissolution without an attorney! Standard Legal's Divorce software package is offered for couples without children looking to file a No Fault Divorce. The legal forms software is state-specific, allowing any USA resident to file a no-fault divorce in their state. The divorcing parties must both be in agreement with the terms of the divorce. Includes all forms and instructions. ALSO AVAILABLE:Divorce Legal Forms Software - CLICK HEREALSO AVAILABLE:Divorce Legal Forms Software - CLICK HERE

Employee Manuals and Human Resources Legal Forms Software Businesses with even a few employees need certain legal safeguards. Prevent unwarranted litigation while giving clear employment guidelines! This complete human resource package includes all of these important documents: Employee Handbook, Employment Contract, Consultant Agreement, Sales Rep Agreement, Employment Application, Employee Arbitration Agreement and Employee Review Forms! BONUS: Federally-Required Employee Posters ALSO AVAILABLE: Employee Manual Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

  For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Home Sale Legal Forms Software Sell your home on your own without the expenses and commissions of a real estate agent! It's easier than you might think when you do it "FSBO" (For Sale by Owner)! Standard Legal Software's For Sale By Owner Home Sale software package allows anyone to quickly and easily create the legal documents necessary to sell your home and close the deal. Save thousands of dollars in agent commissions! Keep the equity that you've earned when you sell! ALSO AVAILABLE: FSBO Home Sale Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

General Partnership Agreement Legal Forms Software Form a General Partnership with your business team! This Standard Legal Software package will allow you and your partners to create the legal documents necessary to clearly outline the ownership structures, capitalization records, operations plans, financial shares and distribution schedules for your partnership. Partnerships allows for simple decision-making and administration; it's even easier with Standard Legal Software! ALSO AVAILABLE: General Partnership Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Incorporation Legal Forms Software Incorporate your business quickly and easily using Standard Legal's Incorporation Software! First, review the detailed options available to you for incorporating your business; it is critical that you create the structure that will best suit your company's situation. Examine structures like C-Corporations and S-Corporations. Then use the most up-to-date forms available to legally incorporate your business! Clear instructions and pertinent advice make Standard Legal's Incorporation Software the perfect solution for incorporating your business! ALSO AVAILABLE: Incorporation Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Land Contract Legal Forms Software If you wish to sell a piece of real estate you own and are willing to finance it on behalf of the buyer, then you need to create a legal document called a Land Contract. Growing in popularity, a Land Contract provides the seller with increased revenues through the generation of interest payments, while allowing buyers to get into a home for which they might have difficulty finding bank financing otherwise. Includes both installment and balloon payment Land Contract structures. ALSO AVAILABLE: Land Contract Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Lease Agreement Legal Forms Software If you own property and want to rent it to a person or business, this Standard Legal Software package is of great value. The software allows you to quickly and easily create a comprehensive Lease Agreement that is tailored to most every situation. Apartment Leases, Home Leases, Furnished and Unfurnished, Office Leases, Lease Assignments, Triple-Net Leases, even a Lease Application and Leases for Equipment! Protect your property and your revenues with this lease-writing software! ALSO AVAILABLE: Lease Agreement Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

LLC Limited Liability Company Legal Forms Software Create a Limited Liability Company quickly and easily using Standard Legal's LLC Software! A detailed list of considerations for creating an LLC are presented first. Then use the most up-to-date state-specific forms available to create a legal and valid Limited Liability Company! Finally, a template for developing the LLC's Operating Agreement finishes the process. Clear instructions and pertinent advice make Standard Legal's LLC Software the perfect solution! ALSO AVAILABLE: Limited Liability Company LLC Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Life Partner Cohabitation Agreements Legal Forms Software Unmarried "Life Partners" (be it a man and woman or same-sex partners) who live together in a long-term situation must address important legal concerns: finances, health care, property rights, and after-death transfer issues. Since unmarried couples who live together generally do not have the same legal protections available as married people, it is important that the couple address these issues with a comprehensive set of legal documents. The Life Partners Cohabitation Agreements software from Standard Legal is just the comprehensive package required! Protect your property rights, your health care decisions and your peace of mind!

Living Trust Legal Forms Software Plan your estate with this comprehensive Living Trust software! For years, financial planners and attorneys have used Living Trusts as a way to ensure that property is protected and passed on from one generation to the next. A Revocable Living Trust provides a safe and legal way to manage your assets -- both during your lifetime and upon your death. And since the software includes all of the legal forms and detailed instructions necessary to create either a Joint Trust, a Single Trust or an A/B Trust, the Living Trust software from Standard Legal is a great value in one easy-to-use package!

Living Will for Healthcare Legal Forms SoftwarePrepare in advance for a variety of health-emergency situations with a Living Will! Give specific details and instructions about your healthcare to your friends and family with this Standard Legal Software Living Will program. This Advanced Healthcare Directive contains not only the Living Will documents, but also a Health Care Power of Attorney document! A great value! ALSO AVAILABLE: Living Will Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Power of Attorney Legal Forms SoftwareCreate a customized, fully legal Power of Attorney document in minutes! This Standard Legal Software package allows anyone to quickly and easily create a Power of Attorney document that is tailored to fit most every personal situation. This software includes both a Limited Power of Attorney for specific situations, or the more general Durable Power of Attorney to handle a broader range of issues. Valid in all states once notarized. The Standard Legal Power of Attorney! ALSO AVAILABLE: Power of Attorney Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Premarital Agreement (Prenuptial) Legal Forms Software With the recent increase in marriages between people who have accumulated substantial assets -- especially those entering second marriages and senior citizen marriages -- a greater need has come about for couples to create a Premarital Agreement. A Premarital Agreement details in advance any and all financial structures should the marriage come to an end, leaving both persons (and the heirs of those persons) protected and secure. Standard Legal makes creating this Premarital Agreement step-by-step simple!

Promissory Notes Legal Forms Software If you plan on lending money or valuables to someone -- even if it is a close friend or family member -- it often makes sense to put the expectations of the loan in writing, to avoid confusion or ill-will later. "Get it in writing" is the function of a Promissory Note: to outline the terms and repayment schedule of a loan. Create a comprehensive, legal Promissory Note in minutes using this Standard Legal Software package! ALSO AVAILABLE: Promissory Note Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Quitclaim Deeds Legal Forms Software  If you need to transfer the ownership of real property from one person to another, you will need to create a Quitclaim Deed (a document that states the seller no longer has a claim to the property) and a Warranty Deed (a document that states that the property is clear of liens and other title issues). Using this Standard Legal Software package, the creation of these deeds is as simple as reading an instruction and filling in the blank! Also includes Survivorship Deeds. ALSO AVAILABLE: Quitclaim Deed Document Preparation Service - CLICK HERE

Marital Separation Agreement Legal Forms Software When a married couple wishes to separate, it can be a highly emotional time. If you and your spouse have decided that a separation is best, it may be wise to put the details and expectations in writing with a Separation Agreement. The Standard Legal Software Separation Agreement outlines issues such as alimony, child support, real estate, debts, personal property, custody, visitation, etc. Quickly and easily create a comprehensive Separation Agreement with help from The Standard Legal Network.

Legal Document Preparation Service from Standard Legal Click on any of the links below to learn more about Our Legal Services! Have a question about the legal topics we cover? Check out a comprehensive series on Our Legal Services Blog! We want to help you resolve your legal situations in an affordable and stress-free way! So thank you for taking the time to visit Our Legal Services Site!
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